Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a new bear on eBay, if you have a minute please go and have a look at 'Cooper'. I made him out of the new cashmere type fabric from Sassy Bears, it is so lovely and soft you really just want to rub the fabric all the time.

So onto the saga of the house move. Yesterday Bronwen and I caught the tube down to Canada Water and then a bus to a rather strange area called South Bermondsey. We met a very nice man who took us to see two places.
Number 1: was a short walk away from the office, this was advertised as a studio with garden. Well we walked in the front door of this building and where met with the most disgusting smell. Walked through this house out to the back and we are met with what used to be the garden and is now a wooden hut built to look like a sauna, I kid you not, he opened the door and we both nearly passed out from the heat trapped in the room. A room with a shower in one corner and the bathroom in the other, you could just about swing a cat (please don't try this at home) and only bump his head a couple of times and we have to share this space (remember it is a double studio) Oh and we mustn't forget the garden, in front of this shed is a decked area about 1 1/2 metres by 2 1/2 metres and the best part of all is that when you look over the waist height wall you look straight down onto railway tracks. Well we were very polite and said, could we have a look at the other place advertised.
Number 2: we had to go for a short drive and sweet as this man was he was the most appalling driver. So risking life and limb we arrive in what looks like an industrial area with some rows of flats on one side of the road and businesses on the other and at the very end a very dilapidated looking house. This is also advertised as a studio with a garden. Inside the entrance hall is okay, the room is very nice, kitchen is to one side and there is space to have two beds and two desks and the bathroom is not the size of a cupboard but the garden has mysteriously vanished and the street looks like a gangland movie set.

So we very nicely say thank you and we will think about it and then get out of there as fast as we can walk. The worst thing is that these two 'studio' rooms each have an asking price of £740 a month. So back to the house hunting, I am not a snob but that just seems like daylight robbery to me.
We have to find somewhere by the end of May as that is when the lease runs out on this flat and we will be homeless so please hold thumbs and think good thoughts that we can find a new place soon. We are also looking outside of London as the job hunting is not going great here either and at least it is cheaper to live out of London.

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