Thursday, April 30, 2009

So much seems to happen in a day that I sometimes just can't seem to find the time to write my blog. So apologies to all the friends waiting for an update.
I have been busy working on bears for orders and for shops so just haven't had a chance to make a new bear for eBay. I did finish a little girl dressed in pink yesterday but then she found a home with a friend who had come to pick up another bear she had ordered. They just looked so cute standing together they had to go as companions.
This is Bluebell, look out for her on Bear Paths website.
Bronwen and I have still been looking for a new place to live and today we were successful. We will be moving near Stratford in London, it is the east side of London not far from Leyton. We are in a house share but will have a lovely big room to share. There is a garden for Max when he is released from quarantine and there is a parking for the other new addition in our lives.
We have a car, a tiny Nissan Micra that is rather old and luckily was dirt cheap (of course there is a reason for this)
This car has been around a bit and seen better days and sometimes drives like a spastic chicken but so far we are getting around okay. And no I haven't learnt to drive in the last few months, Bronwen is designated driver but it is something that I promise will happen in the future.

I am off to France on Saturday to do a bit of cat sitting while Wendy (Mom) and Dad come over here to sort stuff out. I am looking forward to going, I get to spend time with my parents and the kitties, who I miss so much. I am sure I will be roped into mowing lawns but it is good exercise and Wendy and I can plan the bears for the Stratford Bear fair and maybe finally start working on some new kits.


kilani said...

Nice Blog U have in there

I have few cents for you :P


Peace :D

TinyBear said...

What a sweet bear.
Thank you for visiting - looks like we´re going to Stratford Fair both of us.


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