Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lots of photos to share. Bronwen and I did some of our packing and moved stuff to the new house share and then I went and left her to do a last load while I caught the bus to the airport. I will finish moving my stuff when I get back to London.

This is my clematis plant, flowering beautifully, I can't believe that I have managed to grow a plant and not kill it.
A photo out of the bus window, the bus was on the way to Stansted Airport so we were driving through Essex, the yellow fields look so amazing.

The airport trip was interesting, traveling with Ryan Air you don't want to pay for extra luggage so I had my toiletries in my carry on bag. My suitcase was taken to one side and searched as it had made the x-ray machine unhappy. I had some shower soap in a bottle which was almost finished and was far less than the 100ml that you are allowed to travel with but I had the audacity to still have it in the big bottle so even though you could see that there was almost no liquid left because the bottle was so big they took it away from me, who knew I was a potential terror suspect.

On Sunday we went to a 'boot market', there where about 300 stalls to look at and before we where half way through we were exhausted. So many lovely things, beautiful furniture and old linen and books, the list of things that you want to bring home gets very long. I also wonder if some of the stuff is ever sold, it seems like such a lot of junk. It really is fun to look at and I think that going to these markets is a Sunday tradition in this country.
We had a lovely time and came home with some lovely old lace and embroidery thread.

These are some photos of the back garden, it is looking so beautiful. It has changed so much since I was here last. The trees are full of leaves and flowers. The cats absolutely love playing in this garden.

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Donna Griffin said...

I so enjoy your blog, Megan, and have been following your adventures on your move. I must tell you that I have the exact same clematis AND it is pictured on my Blog and another bear artist wrote to me and said that she had the SAME clematis. Small World! Love your bears, too!
Mini hugs, Donna Griffin


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