Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There is a lot to report since the last blog entry. I had a lovely time in France but the day before Wendy and my Dad came back, I found Mischka cat sitting on the couch looking all bedraggled and injured. He couldn't walk on his back or front paw. So on the Saturday we had to brave the French language and find a vet, luckily we found a lovely man who spoke English and soon had the poor kitty sorted out with medicine and a painkiller.
You can read all about his adventures on Wendy's blog, this is him sitting very happily on a hot water bottle to help with the damaged paws.

I really didn't want to leave France, it is so lovely and peaceful there but I had left Bronwen in the process of moving and had to come back to London to move my stuff. She had been fantastic and moved a lot of our belongings so we just had to load the car up one last time when she picked me up from the bus station on Wednesday and then there was only the furniture to move.

On Saturday we arranged for a man and van to come and move 2 bookcases, a small chest of drawers and a chair. He phoned late on the Friday night to ask if he could make the collection time earlier and we readily agreed. So at 8:30 we are standing out in the street with the furniture and we now get a phone call that he will be late and only get there at 9:00 ( the original time). I think we made a very funny picture, the two of us standing with the furniture waiting for him to arrive which he finally did at 9:20.
It took a bit of time but we are all arranged in our room, it is a very big room in a house share. We are on the ground floor, next door are 3 Bulgarians. Upstairs are 2 Pakistanis, a French guy, a Nigerian and his Polish girlfriend. It certainly is a multi cultural house, very interesting and they all seem very nice.
The beautiful roses are from a couple of rose bushes that have been left to go wild in the back garden. The pink rose smells absolutely fantastic. The street photo is a view of the houses across the road.
This is the front of our house, the lovely bay window is our room and my plants are right outside.

I have put a new bear in our Etsy shop so if you have a minute please go and visit him. I am busy trying to make bears for the Bear Fair in Stratford-upon-Avon, which is rapidly arriving. Wendy has been redesigning our webpage so please go and have a look and I hope to have photos of the show bears to preview soon.

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