Thursday, June 25, 2009

I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth despite being so bad about updating my blog. After having my flu/cold linger for longer than I wanted I seem to have found something in my new environment that has set my hay fever off. So I spend my days sniffing and sneezing and driving Bronwen mad.

I have just put two new bears on eBay so if you have the time please go and visit Delphine and Daniel.
A couple of weekends ago the sun was shining so nicely on the Sunday that Bronwen and I drove to Epping Forest to have a look around, it is not more than 1/2 hours drive from here and you have the most amazing trees to look at. Everyone else had the same idea but we found parking and went for a lovely walk, I think you would have to be careful that you didn't get lost as the forest is protected land and is something like 6000 square miles. Some of the trees must be so old, the trunks are so wide that it would take at least three people with arms out stretched to circle the tree. It was so peaceful that you tend to forget that we are still on the outskirts of such a huge city.
The back garden of the house that we are living in is starting to look a bit like a jungle as the lawn has still not been mowed but the neighbourhood cats don't mind, they get to play in the long grass. This is a frequent visitor but he hasn't yet let me get close enough for a proper introduction but that will happen, some cats are just more wary of humans than others.

One last photo, when Bronwen goes to see Max at the quarantine prison she drives past this hotel and I just had to include a photo, it is such a strange name for a hotel but it is a lovely old building and looks over the road into a big park.
Otherwise I am just busy stitching bears and going to some job interviews. I went for an interview for a job on Tuesday and it went very well, next interview is at the end of the month and then maybe I will have a job. It is not many more months before Max is out of quarantine and Wendy and my Dad can bring the cats across from France and then maybe we can settle down to a bit more of a normal, sane life. Although I do sometimes wonder if that is something our family could actually live with, we have got rather used to living strange lives.

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Karen Valentine said...

Hi Megan! I;m so happy you will be joining us for the party. Your Bears are absolutely adorable, and I think you are a wonderful addition to the guest list! See you in a couple of weeks!!!

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