Monday, July 6, 2009

Another long time span between posts, I really do wonder where the time goes to. I have another set of bears on eBay in one of my favourite colours. You can visit Elle-Rose and Pixie and please also look at Wendy's lovely little boy bear Tristan with his puppy.

I have been trying to stay indoors and out of the dreadful heat for the past week. One of the small reasons to leave South Africa was that I could not cope with the summer heat anymore and what happens, I think it has followed me. The weather here has been dreadful, it is so hot and don't even think of going on the underground because you get so hot down there that you feel as if you are being boiled.
I know I can't complain too much as I am used to far worse but this country is designed to keep you warm in winter and the houses are not kind to you in hot weather. Our room in the house share has one tiny window that opens and big panes of glass that have the sun shining in all day. Thank goodness for the ceiling fan in the room but I really miss the air con.

On Saturday I found myself down by the Embankment station and just had to take a photo of the London Eye. It was already so hot and the sun was so bright that the photo has rather a bleached out look to it. All the tourists are out in full force and especially along the Thames River you seem to spend more time dogging tour groups than doing anything else and who knows how many photos I am unwittingly in.
These are some photos I took awhile ago of our trip to Manor Park Cemetery. It is so peaceful there and the headstones are amazing dotted among the trees. Most of this part is from the 1890's to the 1910's so the area has started to be reclaimed by nature.

Wendy and I have been having fun doing some embroidery and beading and some of the things are now in our Etsy shop. I am busy working on some new bears, one order which just does not want to be finished and a couple of new patterns for sale. So hope fully I will have some new bears to show you soon.

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