Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hope is on eBay at the moment and she isn't dressed in pink, she just has a pink rose as a finishing detail. Please have a look if you have a minute.

On Sunday I flew from Stanstead Airport to Dinard in Brittany. I got to see the kitties again and just like typical cat behaviour it took them a few hours to condescend to acknowledge me.

Wendy and I left early on the Tuesday morning to start the drive to London. I have included a photo of some wind turbines about two hours from Calais, I love seeing them around the French countryside.
We were making good time when we pulled into the petrol station for our second stop and got waved down by an elderly lady. She and her husband where having car trouble and couldn't get their mobile phone to work to phone their insurance company to come and rescue them. It is a big problem when you don't speak the language of a country that you are in, makes me even more determined to learn French. We finally managed to get them the help they needed and then left them in a hurry as we now had to make up the lost time.

This is when you can appreciate driving on the motorways at 130 kms. We made up the lost time and got the train to Folkestone. Then it was just the drive up to London, which was uneventful except for the usual crazy amount of traffic.
Today we had to get the MOT on the car done and then we drive back to France on Saturday.


IRIS said...

Megan, уour bears are gorgeous! I love them! Your bears have wonderful dresses!

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi Megan your new bear is delightful!

Olga Betenеva said...

Your blog is adorable!!!
Teddy bears darlings!!Just Love them!
In my turn I award these wonderfull blogs and their owners!):


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