Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hello, its me, waving my hands . I am still around, I do wonder which planet I am on some times but I am here, finally. It has been an awful long time since I updated my blog but so much has been happening.

At the end of July I flew to France on the Sunday, Wendy and I drove back to London on the Tuesday and then on the Saturday we drove back to France. And finally on the Tuesday I flew back to London. What a week.
I then spent the next few days scouring the Internet and newspapers trying to find a new place for us to move to, the kitties can finally come over to the UK (Hurray big celebrations)

So on Monday the 3rd of August I was in Cambridgeshire looking at houses. I am not being rude here but how do people live in some of these houses, the rooms are tiny. In South Africa we certainly didn't have a huge house, it was considered small by most standards but here some of these houses are so tiny. One house had a pretty garden, a reasonable size living room and three bedrooms. HA the one bedroom was so small I think you would be lucky to fit a single bed in it and certainly nothing else.

I stayed with a very kind friend who took me house hunting the next day and I finally found a nice house. So on the Tuesday it was back to London and then all the paperwork to try and rent the house.
It is so difficult to do things in a new country when you don't have years of references and credit history, I can't be the only one that moves countries but nothing is set up for this sort of happening.
So one nerve wracking week later and we found out we had the house. It will be so good to settle down in a home again and actually have our stuff around us. (Of course the furniture will take six or more weeks to arrive, so we will be camping but who cares)

In between all this chaos I am still trying to make bears, the Hugglets Bear Fair is a few short weeks away but Wendy has been busy stitching and has made some beautiful bears.

Now the packing has to be done, you can acquire a lot of stuff without meaning to and actually most of it is necessary but to think I came here a year ago with two suitcases and now need a van to move house is rather astonishing.

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