Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Okay it has been way too long since I have updated my blog, a whole month and not a word. Dreadful really but it has been an eventful time.

A very short recap, just to keep everyone up to date and then onto new things. On Friday the 28th of August Wendy drove across from France and I took the bus down to Folkestone to meet her. It was a nice trip but very long on the bus, I got to see a very grey but pretty sea scape and then we were on the way back to London.
Saturday was a drive up to Cambridgeshire to get the keys for the new house and then Sunday and Monday the craziness of packing Bronwen and my stuff up and moving house.
Tuesday Wendy and I drove back to France and packed the stuff up there. I feel tired just remembering all of this. Thursday was the eventful trip to the vet with the cats and then Friday the drive back to the UK with the car packed to bursting, my Dad and I sitting in our seats with stuff packed around us and four kitties in their boxes all ready to embark on the next stage of their adventure. Got to the new house late on the Friday night.

A week and a half to get ready for the Hugglets Bear Fair and we actually managed to get the bears finished. It was a fantastic show, we got to see some old friends and meet some lovely new ones. We even managed to get some nice new fabric for bears.

Since then it has been a bit less hectic (just a little bit), we are trying to get settled in the new house, do some work and start exploring the area.

My sisters dog Max has never lived with cats and the kitties are not used to a big dog so we have to keep them apart and slowly introduce them to each other, a very lengthy and painstaking process and we have had a couple of crisis already.

I will put some photos of the house on later as well as some from our trip to Ely Cathedral which is about 20 mins drive away from us. We have had the most amazing weather so far, it hasn't rained at all and the days have been nice and sunny. More news later and hopefully some photos of new bears.

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