Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have lots of photos to show you this time. I love our house and just hope we can stay here for awhile. The front is very boring at the moment but we will soon have some flowers and plants to pretty it up.
This is the communal part of the property where people take their dogs for a walk and the children can play. Hopefully it will stay undeveloped for the time being.
The back garden from upstairs, also needs work but we will get it looking lovely. These houses where empty for about five or more years so nobody has done any work on the gardens.
The staircase, lovely design and the old bears have found the perfect vantage point.
In the village of Ramsey just down the road is an amazing old Abbey built in 900Ad or thereabouts, this is some of the remains.
The catholic church is a beautiful building, this is one of the side doors.
On one of the first sightseeing trips that we have taken we went to Ely to visit the Cathedral, an absolutely amazing building which we will have to go back to visit as you just can't take everything in on one visit.

I had to include photos of the kitties, they are settling in well. This is Mishka on the window sill,
and this is Sasha (the senior cat) looking beautiful. He is very camera shy and it took many photos before I got him to look directly at me.
The one and only plant in the back garden was a poor rose bush which Wendy rescued and it has had a late bloom just to show us how lovely the roses are.
A view through the trellis fence to the outside world.
Another view through the fence to the communal land again, it is like having your own private park on the doorstep, I have seen a pheasant running through here and there is a squirrel who is foraging for nuts and goes leaping among the trees.
The only real problem so far are the spiders, there are so many huge big things and tiny ones too. I am terrified of them and I think they know it and deliberately terrorise me. It is phenomenal how many there are here, I have spent a long time in Africa and never saw as many there as I have seen in three weeks here, dreadful.

Autumn seems to have finally found us and it has been a blustery (very windy) and grey looking day. The trees are all shades of brown and russet and the leaves are blowing everywhere. Amazing weather and so far we are coping and not feeling too cold.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Megan, thank you so much for coming by my blog and for signing up for the give-away. It's so very nice to meet you and to visit your lovely new home and hear about your travels and your kitties. Someday I hope to come to England. I am so fascinated by the history and the beauty of your countryside. Your bear creations are wonderful, you are so very talented. Hope to visit with you again soon.

Jane said...

Hi Megan,

Love the photos!! Thanks so much for sharing. Looks like a beautiful tranquil place to live. Mishka and Sasha look settled too... I would absolutely love to live in England. Hope to one day.

Hope all is well. Take care.


Jorgelina said...

Love the photos!
The autumn is my station of the favorite year.
In my country it is time of spring.
A greeting from Argentina.

Auntie Cake said...

What a lovely house you have, and your neighborhood? I could only dream of it? So beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my new blog! Love those bears, you are one talented girl!


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