Thursday, March 18, 2010

Real life can be so scary at times. We are not having an easy time and are feeling rather stressed.
When we moved into our house, it was on the understanding that we would be here for a couple of years and we would be able to settle down and catch our breath. No such luck.
The houses are being sold and we have to move out on the 28th of April. So we thought okay fine, we can deal with this, it costs more money and the inconvenience is dreadful but we can cope.
Well, we have spent the last couple of weeks desperately searching for a new place and getting nowhere.  Hours have been spent on the computer trawling through house listings and even more fruitless hours spent looking at houses.Some of these English houses are so tiny it isn't funny, how can a room be called a bedroom when you can't even fit a single bed in. We have been getting more desperate as the time goes by with visions of us, the kitties and dog sleeping in the park.

So yesterday we found a house, a nice house actually with a garden and we are allowed to have pets (no easy thing that) but now we have to go through all the credit checks etc, also not an easy task as we haven't been in this country very long and it causes all sorts of problems, so please pray and hold thumbs and cross toes that we get accepted (we are nice people, really). Oh and we also have to hope that we can find the extra money each month as this house is over budget by quite a bit.

Then we had to make a very fast decision and book a flight for Wendy to go to Cape Town, we have to urgently sort out banking and money and insurance and taxes and all sorts of other things. This decision had to be made in two days and she flies to South Africa on Sunday. So .... very eventful times  and I am trying not to even think about the moving part yet.

Sorry about the rant but I just had to get it off my chest, I am hoping that life can go back to a bit more sedate pace and I can actually get some work done. One of the worst parts of being self employed, if you don't do any work you don't get any money coming in.
We will now return to regular blog updates and I might even have some new bears to show.

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Belle Brocante design said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for your email & nice words! I thought the cards where already arrived! They took a long journey. However they are there & you are happy. You make wonderful things. i love creative souls. Marijke van Ooijen a friend of my makes also lovely stuffed things just like yourself. My mouth always falls open,I am so impressed by you & her!

Have a great week,


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