Monday, June 28, 2010

A picture of the garden, it is looking so beautiful even if it is baking in the heat.

I have had another interesting week, last Tuesday my computer got a virus when I was browsing and it just locked up all my functions, I could look at my documents and photos but everything else was just inaccessable and it kept on trying to 'dial' out with who knows what info. Luckily I have a computer expert to bother and he told me to just unplug everything and he would come and sort it out, but he would only be able to come on Sunday. My poor brother, he is so patient, I think half the times I phone him it is for computer help.

So I was without a computer for six days, the withdrawal symptoms where extreme, I am so lost without a computer. Sunday comes around and the prognosis is very bad, not only is everything being attacked but windows has decided that my XP is not legitimate and shut the operating system down. I got my computer second hand so don't have any codes or other stuff and I can only presume it was okay. So extreme measures were called for, all the photos and docs get copied and then the computer gets wiped and my brother installed Linux (which he uses and says is excellent).

I forgot about my bookmarks so those are all gone, I will have to start from the beginning, this is one way to tidy up your stuff but not recommended. Now I have to learn my way around a new operating system and a new photo editing program etc, needless to say I am not a very patient person and some swear words have been heard. The photo of the garden is my first attempt at resizing a picture.

I have been suffering from the most severe hayfever, I have spent the last two weeks feeling as if my head is stuffed with cotton wool, it has been dreadful, heavens knows what the neighbours think with me sneezing my head off every couple of seconds. It is getting a bit better, I am taking all sorts of tablets and drinking nettle tea with honey which has really helped but it has not been pleasant. I need the summer to be over so that the pollen goes away and so that it will cool down a bit, the weather has been so hot and dry I wouldn't be surprised if we get drought warnings soon.

To everyone who left such lovely comments about my work space for the 'Where Bloggers Create' party, thank you and I will be visiting all the blogs now that I have a computer again. If you have the time it is such fun to see peoples creative spaces, there are so many talented people in blog land.

Hopefully more photos soon as I figure the program out and there are bears waiting to be finished.

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