Sunday, July 18, 2010

It has been a long time since a blog update. Life has been strange and chaotic and I have just felt overwhelmed. 
We had a minor car accident, luckily Wendy and I were fine just some major bruising and a damaged car, so we had no car for two weeks, a bit of a problem in a rural area. Wendy (my Mom) slipped and hit her head and we were so worried she had concussion but she has a hard head and didn't do any major damage. Merlin the cat has a flea allergy and has been so ill the past couple of weeks. All sorts of other minor incidents and then my brother got the news that he is being posted to Afghanistan in October.
It really has been a strange month but I am feeling better and more normal and back to coping with a crazy life. So the blog will be updated on a more regular basis.

I had to share a photo of the kitties in the garden, Leila and Mishka love being outside, Merlin has been hiding but hopefully when his medicine starts working he will feel well enough to join them. I am busy working on new bears and some cross stitch so will post the photos when they are finished.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails, it makes my day extra special when I read them.

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Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a scary thing to happen! I do hope you and your mom are doing better now.

Your fur babies are absolutely adorable! :-)

Have a wonderful Friday!


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