Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I stitch a lot (goes without saying really) and have always had this habit of collecting little piles of thread wherever I am working, which then get everywhere. The cats wear them and eat them and my clothes always have threads attached. Turns out that I am not the only crazy stitcher and those little pieces of thread actually have a name, an 'ort' is "the snippet of thread left over in the needle after finishing a section of embroidery"
You might like to read this blog to learn all about it 

I started putting my threads in a jar which looks a bit boring and ugly so I have made a cross stitch cover for the lid which looks so much better and can even be used as a pin cushion in a hurry.
I have also been busy stitching bears and Tuesday is on ebay at the moment.
And finally I have been designing some new patterns, the first of which is Sawyer who will be making an appearance in the etsy shop later on today.
Hope everyone is well and keeping cool, the heat is getting unbearable and I just don't feel much like working with fabrics, thank goodness for a fan. I do miss the air conditioning we had in South Africa but it seems a bit unnecessary here.

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