Thursday, November 11, 2010

I have been very busy stitching bears but most of them I can't share as they are for the upcoming web show, new kits and orders. 
I have listed a new little girl on ebay. Constance is wearing the most adorable romper and jacket outfit, I really had fun embroidering her clothes.
I have some fantastic news to share, our bears are included in the miniature article in the latest Teddy Bear & Friends winter 2010 magazine.  The photos are not great, I let Wendy do all the hard work of scanning the article and then just borrowed the images from her blog :-)
My brother is stationed in Afghanistan at the moment and this is my favourite new photo of him. We are a family who loves animals, especially cats and we always manage to find a cat to keep company with.
Hope everyone is keeping well and warm. Winter has arrived in our little part of the world, it has been grey, miserable and rainy with gale force winds for the last few days. I love standing outside with the wind blowing around me but can't do it for too long as it gets rather cold.


Mary said...

Wow! Its very-very beautiful bear!!!!!

the lady loves bears said...

Congrats on being featured thats wonderful and I so love your embroidery!


Milly Me® Teddybears said...

I love your new little bear. Her clothes are awesome in every way!!! Hugs, Thea

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Congrats on the article, well deserved!
And I love that pic of your brother, you can tell that he's a good man, the way he's cuddling that sweet kitty. :-)

danybrod said...

Adorable ce petit ours !

Belle soirée Mégan


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