Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yesterday we had to go shopping so we went into St Ives, it is a much prettier town than Huntingdon and also closer to home.
We spent most of the time looking in the charity shops and came home with some nice stuff. A linen tablecloth, a hank of embroidery thread (very needed as we use so much thread embroidering the little girl's dresses), a cross stitch kit, crocheted doilies and a lovely little silver bowl (the lion's heads are wonderful).

Look what arrived in the post this past week. I just had to get this little box when I saw it on Etsy, had to use food money to buy it but I could do with not eating for awhile and it was not expensive. I paid almost as much for the postage as the box.
I know, it doesn't look very nice. I love old sewing supplies and this is hiding a wonderful secret.
The little wooden spools with old thread and the tiny scissors, just amazing. It was obviously someone's treasured work box.
Hopefully one day I will have a proper place to put this out on display with all the other bits and pieces I have managed to find.
One bear to share with you. Georgette was a special order for a wonderful collecter, she is off to her new home. Her dress looks even better than I hoped when I started, I love pink and the embroidery looks so delicate.

I am off to work now, lots of bears waiting for their outfits when I get home.

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