Saturday, August 6, 2011

We have been having a bit of a mini heatwave here in the UK, nowhere near as bad as in America but hot for this country. My work slows down when I get too hot but I have finished a new little girl for eBay. Juniper is available at the moment if you want to visit her.
The strawberries seem to thrive in the heat and we have been getting some lovely sweet ones from the garden. They get eaten too quickly to have a big bunch together but this is what got picked this morning.
Last week we caught the bus into Cambridge, had a lovely time looking around and took lots of photos. Here is a selection of random beautiful buildings. I will have more bears and updates on the cross stitch to share soon. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Blumbärchen said...

Juniper is another very lovely teddylady from you.
And thank for the photos from Cambridge, very interesting.
The summer in Germany is this year very English....much rain and sunshine from time to time and it's not too hot.


Abi said...

Not raining? wow. Ooh, lovely images - thank you for sharing. You always manage to bring back good memories!
Lovely bear - and an adorable dress1 good luck with ebay - what a pain in the behind ebay is!!
Hope you enjoy the sun!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Juniper is so adorable! You do great work my friend!
Cambridge is just gorgeous. I loooooove all the detail on the buildings. It's so amazing to me.
xx, shell


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