Monday, September 30, 2013

 We have a new family member, Belladonna came to live with us on Saturday. We got her from our local animal rescue centre, Wood Green Animal Charity, they do an amazing job and it was so hard to just bring one little cat home with us.

Belladonna is a tiny handful of a kitty and is 11 weeks old, she and her three sisters got left in a box in a shed and luckily someone took them to the shelter.
We will introduce her to Leila and Mishka tomorrow, she will be a lovely companion for Leila and I think Mishka is going to have tail envy because she has this beautiful, incredibly long silky tail.
I will try and take some better photos to share with everyone soon.

1 comment:

mcddiss said...

una preciosidad de animalito, espero que se lleve bien con su nueva familia




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