Thursday, September 26, 2013

 Well I am finally back, thank you for staying around, visiting and following my blog. The last few months have had a lot of crazy stuff happening, some good, lots not so good but I think life has settled back into a semi normal state again.

Lots of bears have been made and found new homes and I will share some of the photos soon. I will also try and be more regular with the blog updates.

This little group where made for the Miniatura show in Birmingham this last weekend.
 Penelope Rabbit 2"
 Grace 2.5"
Chadwick Cat H2.25" L2.25"
I am really enjoying making the tiny little ones so expect to make some more as companions for the slightly bigger bears. 
I hope you all have a good start to the weekend and I will be back soon.


mcddiss said...

me alegro de que tus problemas de hayan solucionado y todo haya vuelto a la normalidad, esos pequeños son unas preciosidades , feliz fin de semana para ti tambien



Kays Kids said...

Megan, your tiny teenies are a treat. They have so much detail for being so small. I hope every thing is OK now.


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