Friday, March 5, 2010

It has taken me a whole week to sort out the photos from the Bear Fair weekend, where does the time go.
The White Rabbit finally got finished just in time for us to pack and drive down to London. It was not a pleasant drive as it really poured with rain as we got to the outskirts of London but we made it to the B&B okay.
The table looked lovely with all the lace and flowers and once all the bears where together we realised we hadn't done to badly with making bears. We had a wonderful day and almost all the bears went to new homes.
I didn't buy very much, the bear that I really fell in love with and Wendy said she would buy for my birthday had gone by the time I stopped procrastinating, serves me right. I did come home with some new fabrics in lovely colours and hopefully will be making some bears out of them soon.
During our shopping trip on Saturday in London we walked past Selfridges in Oxford Street and they had the most amazing window displays for Alice in Wonderland. I love the stories and had made the 'Wonderland Series' for the show so it was fantastic to see. I wish I had taken more detailed photos but this gives you some idea, I think I saw all the windows, I had to take them in a rush as the street was  constantly busy and people are rather impatient when you are trying to take photos.


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ginger@bearbits said...

Well, that's almost as good as being there. I so wish I could have gone. Maybe one of these days. Your table looked wonderful. It might be a good thing I wasn't there! Oh - the fabrics. Isn't that the best???!!! I can see that you will create some beautiful pieces from those pieces. The windows in Selfridges - wow! A wonderland of their own making. Well, now that I've had a tour, time to get back to work. Thanks for the glimpses of what fun you enjoyed.



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